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The Cast

The Davis Family
Greg Germann - Phil
Lauren Holly - Kim
Adam Hicks - Brady

The Scaldoni Family
Perry Anzilotti - Big Jimmy
Deborah Ashton - Angel
Danny Shepherd - Danny

The Montana Family
Marc Raymond - Ace
Hunter Tylo - Teri
Eric Jacobs - A.J.

The Moosman Family
Ross Brockley - Blaine
Tammy Lier - Charlotte
Nicholas Nengas - Todd

Pat Morita - Uno Yakimoto
Joey Miyashima - Kyosho Yakimoto
K.J. Adachi - Kyosho's son

Bobby Costanzo - Claude
Michael Glauser - Claude's son

Sandy Hackett - Larry Savage
Carmen Rasmusen - Marilyn

Jared Wyson - Young Phil
Joseph McKay - Young Ace
Cameron Manwaring - Young Blaine
Kyle Broadhead - Young Big Jimmy

Craig Costello - Announcer
Scott Christopher - Delivery Guy
Megan Selensky - Jane
Don Murphy - Don Murphy (himself)
James Budge - Referee #1
Matt Marquis - Referee #2
Greg Porter - Motorcycle Delivery Man
Alan Cassidy - Disqualified Dad #1
Rick Glauser - Disqualified Dad #2
Janet Bird - Dental Assistant
Laura-Lee Leavitt - Dental Assistant
Kade Mathew - Dental Patient
Beverly Rhodes - Dental Patient
Kaylee Barrett - Dental Patient
Oscar - Champ (the dog)

The Crew

Writer/Director - Eric Hendershot
Producers - Steele Hendershot, Dickilyn Johnson
Executive Producers - John Stone, Eric Hendershot
Director of Photography - T.C. Christensen, Gordon Lonsdale
Editor - Tony Lombardo
Production Designer - Arizona Taylor
Casting - Michael Fenton, Allison Cowitt
Costume Designer - Hayley Hammond

Unit Production Manager - John Goodwill
First Assistant Director - Matt Henderson
Second Assistant Director - Heather Toone
First Assistant Camera - Rick Page
Second Assistant Camera - Gary Johnson, Jesse Evans
Gaffers - Rhett Fernstein, Kent Findlay
Best Boy Grip - Kelly Klindt
Key Grip - Todd Taylor
Best Boy - Brandon Ellsworth
Comedy Consultant - Amy Rex
Script Supervisor - Suzanne Bingham
Key Makeup and Hair - Laurie Vukich
Assistant Makeup and Hair - Anna K. Findlay, Pasha Perkins
Set Costumer - Janet Bird
Sound Mixer - Steve Laneri
Boom Operators - Jeff Carter, Joe Garrard
Sound Designer - Jeff Hixon
Editing Assistant - Peter Pov
Casting Assistant - Ann Frederick
Prop Master - Kade Mathew
On Set Dresser - James Reeb, Clayton Fullmer
Set Builders - Chris Hendershot, Drew Hendershot
Location Manager - Dan Whalen
Production Coordinator - Carly Brown
Assistant Production Coordinator - Brian Hall
Second Second Assistant Director - Eric S. Johnson
Set Production Assistant - Sean Mitchell
Extras Coordinator - Dan Wyson
Still Photographer - Clayton Fullmer, James Reeb
Catering - Linda's Summit Cafe and Catering
Chef - Neils Wright
Assistant Chefs - Bradly M. Hilt
Craft Services - Greg Francisco
Studio Teacher - Janet Scott, Tammy Jorgenson
Security - Ashley Bird, Adam Bird
Grip/Electric Gear Provided by - Motion Picture Limited
Camera Equipment Provided by - Otto Nemenz Salt Lake City
Camera Dolly Provided by - J.L. Fisher
Laboratory - Fotokem
Film Provided by - Reel Good, Dr. Rawstock
Walkies provided by - McIntosh Inc.
Pinewood Derby cars provided by - Todd and Chris Paxson
Pinewood Derby tracks provided by - Chester and Sheryl Milburn
Production Insurance provided by - Truman Van Dyke Insurance, Kent Hamilton

Thanks to:
Video Box Studios, Holiday Realty, Ace Hardware, Andrew Gross, Michelle and McKenzie, Las Palmas Resort, Max Jolley, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, City of Santa Clara, City Of St. George, Lava Ridge Elementary, Auto Glass Express, Fox Racing Inc., Soltis Investment Advisors, Lon Edgar Henderson, The Village Bank, Bill Hickman, Green Valley 1st Ward, Pasha Perkins, St. George Musical Theater, Don and Dawna Kenworthy, Bluff Street Dental, Larry and Ann Staples, Torrey Hammond, Anderson Lumber, Washington County School District, Santa Clara 5th Ward, Dan and Launa Wyson, Dave and Kris Seely, Clayton and Cami Leavitt, Greg and Arlynn Kemp, Kerry Johnson, Jeff and Lori Chapman, Morrison & Foerster LLP, Adam Richman, Sigrid Davison, George Dayton, Norman Siderow, Alan and Kahna Andrus, Jeff and Kari Risley, Rob and Heidi Endsley, Bobby and Mayloni Edwards, Toni Newbury, Jerron Jutila, Tom Schmude, Taylor Schmude, Tim Swain, Matt Swain, Katie Swain, Connor Ball, Jarod Ball, Tim Daly, Kyle Daly, Greg Mausser, Yance Mausser, Pinewood Derby race extras, Basketball Game extras, ATM extras, Cub Scout extras

Special Thanks to:
John and LaDawn Stone, Greg and Kaele Porter, Jordan and Anne Wright, Travis Wright Family, InvestWest Financial Corp., Polar Investments, LLC, James and Lisa Budge, Jared and Jani Stone, Wil and Nicole Cardon, Tom and Diane Stone, Byron and Amy Rex, Tom and Kimberly Stone, Steve and Barbara Young

The characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictitious, and any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

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